Dr. Emily Thomforde

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Professor of Computer Sciences, Reach University


CS 300: Computer Science * Canvas * Syllabus

11-week undergraduate course covering fundamentals of computer science, computer programming, and inclusive pedagogies.

CS 333: Computer Science Pedagogy and Andragogy* Canvas * Syllabus

8-week graduate course on the content, practice, and theory of CS Education, preparing faculty of other disciplines to teach CS 300.

Reach 272: Coding for Teaching * Canvas * Syllabus

4-week graduate seminar covering culturally sustaining computing, design thinking, and programming in Scratch, AppLab, and Python.

Elementary for Computing (E4C) * Canvas * Syllabus

Ever-expanding professional learning modules for K-6 in-service teachers, aligned to California K-12 CS Standards.

Ongoing Projects

Bay Area Youth Computer Science Council

High school students interested in expanding access to CS experiences are welcome to join BAYCSC.

CSEd Discussion Group

Everyone is invited to participate in the weekly CSEdResearch.org Discussion Group, Tuesdays at 5pm and Fridays at 4pm (Pacific).


A project of CSforCA, dedicated to supporting teaching and learning about AI in California schools.

I used to make video games

And two of them have just been re-released for modern hardware

Coolson's Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet

Coolson's Pocket Pack